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Mana Pharma, Mission, Vision & Values.

At MANA PHARMA, our essential commitment is to ensure that every individual in the world, regardless of their geographical location or political context, can access all pharmacological treatments and medical advances.

We recognise the challenges of our world and committed to address them proactively. We have the capacity to manage the entire cycle of pharmaceutical products, from the procurement of high-quality Raw Materials to the Distribution of Finished Products, complying with all international regulations and quality standards, always ensuring the highest quality of all our supplies.

We are specialised in the import/export, distribution, and registration of finished and semi-finished medicines, APIs, Excipients, Medical Devices, Reagents and Equipment for laboratories, Equipment for pharmaceutical plants and hospitals.

We are proud to collaborate with the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices for the importation of Medicines in Exceptional Circumstances and distribute them to all hospitals in Spain.

We provide our clients with consultancy services within the Health Sector, including the necessary training to comply with current regulations of Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

We have experience and participate in industrial projects within the Health Sector, including the process of Technology Transfer for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We work closely with our partners, suppliers, and clients across the world, leveraging our strong business relationships, to mobilise the necessary resources and ensure equitable and global access to healthcare.

In summary, at MANA PHARMA, we are committed to being agents of change in the healthcare sector, advocating for a world where everyone, regardless of their political situation or geographical location, has access to pharmaceutical products.

We firmly believe that health is a fundamental human right and are determined to do our part in guaranteeing access to this global Human Right. At MANA PHARMA, we are inspired every day with the hope of helping where is most needed.

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