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We respond to all enquiries received from our customers by optimizing all procedures and obtaining products from reliable and duly authorized suppliers.

We cover the complete cycle of a medicine

MANA PHARMA specializes in the distribution, import and export of medicines, APIs, excipients, medical devices, cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products inside and outside the EU.

We develop various projects within the healthcare infrastructure, actively participating in the public (through tenders) and private sectors, taking on the capacity to complete the cycle of a medicine. From the supply of the raw material itself to its distribution.

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Local Representative Services

MANA PHARMA has the necessary structure to act as a Local Representative for marketing authorization holders (MAHs) in the European Union. We support TACs located in third countries with the release of their batches for EU marketing. In addition, we offer a Licensing service to all our clients in order to act as a guide and to accompany them throughout the registration process of a medicinal product.

We ensure that patients achieve the desired and necessary access to appropriate therapies and treatments.

We manage the export and/or registration process and the introduction of products and services in the markets we serve.

We participate in tenders* from all over the international arena, providing resources to countries with difficult or inferior resources, in order to obtain access to quality medicines or health products.

Our philosophy is always based on working hand in hand with suppliers: pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers.

Supply of medicines in special situations

We ensure continuity in the supply chain by avoiding treatment interruptions. In addition, we explore therapeutic alternatives that are not present in our market but are available in other markets.

We are listed as a trusted importer by the Spanish Medicines Agency to be contacted in case of need for medicines in Special Situations.