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We offer a wide range of products and services in the Healthcare sector

We offer a wide range of products

From its beginnings, MANA PHARMA has always been committed to improving the accessibility of medicines and with this objective in mind, we offer a wide range of high quality products from numerous leading brands in the sector.

Medicinal products, active ingredients and excipients
Medical devices
Cosmetics and dermatological products
Medical equipment
Food supplements


To facilitate access to medicines, among other health products, we work hand in hand with the Spanish authorities and are listed as a Trusted Importer by the Spanish Medicines Agency.


We have sufficient capacities to complete the cycle of a medicine from the supply of raw materials to the distribution of the finished medicine.

Apart from the domestic market, we are present in areas such as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, guaranteeing continuity in the supply chain of medicines.

Contenido para profesionales

La información contenida en esta sección está dirigida exclusivamente al profesional sanitario facultado para prescribir o dispensar medicamentos. Tanto el acceso a dicha información como el uso que pueda hacerse del contenido de la misma será responsabilidad exclusiva de quien lo realice.

Medical and sanitary supplies

Our company has a department specialized in the supply of equipment, material, supplies, furniture and other materials for the health sector, with a focus on the pharmaceutical and hospital sector.

We have extensive experience in the supply of material to be imported and distributed by trading companies and we supply all the equipment / material for the correct functioning of Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Health Centers, Laboratories, etc. In addition, we are able to carry out turnkey projects, which may include; design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance, spare parts, civil works, etc.

Dietary supplements are products containing a “food ingredient” intended to supplement the diet. They are not presented as a substitute for a conventional food, nor as a sole component of a meal or diet.

Nutraceuticals are chemical substances found as a natural component of food and determined to be beneficial to the human body in preventing or treating one or more diseases or improving physiological performance.


Cosmetics are preparations consisting of natural or synthetic substances or mixtures thereof, for external use on the skin, nails, oral cavity, eyes, external genitalia, feet, face, hair, which are used for personal hygiene, perfuming, improving the appearance, especially of the face, and protecting and maintaining it in good condition. They are usually mixtures of chemical compounds

MANA PHARMA markets a wide range of high quality articles from numerous leading brands in the sector

Distribuidores para España


Somos representantes locales de la Uroquinasa del Titular Syner-Med BV, en Holanda. Uroquinasa SYNER MEDICA es una forma muy purificada de la uroquinasa humana. Es un trombolítico que convierte el plasminógeno en plasmina (fibrinolisina), una enzima proteolítica que degrada la fibrina, así como el fibrinógeno y otras proteínas plasmáticas. La actividad de la uroquinasa da lugar a una reducción dependiente de la dosis de la concentración de plasminógeno y fibrinógeno y a un aumento de los productos de degradación de la fibrina y del fibrinógeno, que tienen un efecto anticoagulante y potencian el efecto de la heparina. Estos efectos persisten durante 12-24 horas tras finalizar la perfusión de uroquinasa1.

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Disponible como polvo para solución inyectable y para perfusión 1

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Solicitud de información sobre Uroquinasa