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MANA PHARMA is a health and wellness project for society at a global level, regardless of the country where the patients we reach are located. We believe that health is a universal right, which is embodied in a model and idea of a world without barriers where it can be guaranteed.

Committed to the health and well-being of society

The beneficiary of our activities is society. This fact leads us to help ensure that all people have equal access to health and wellness products, regardless of their country of residence or political situation, because the universal right to health protection is paramount.

The end, however good it may be, does not justify the use of inadequate resources. An ethical organisation must be prepared to make some compromises, knowing that by doing so it is preserving what is essential to it: its integrity.

We want to be recognised as an ethically responsible company; for the recipients of our services to be able to trust our values; for suppliers to recognise us for our honesty, for being true to our word. And that everyone who joins us in this project shares our ethical position and manifests it in their work.


The implementation of the ethical part of CSR is established by the company’s principles and values, set out in our Code of Ethics and Conduct, guaranteed by our Compliance Committee. We have a channel for consultation and complaints, which applies to the stakeholders with whom we interact: customers-suppliers, the health sector, collaborators, public administrations, the environment, employees and society in general.

For MANA PHARMA, transparency in operations, data protection, the fight against corruption, fraud and bribery IS fundamental in the activity of our organisation with these stakeholders.


Our activity is focused on bringing health to all countries and especially to the most disadvantaged populations. It is therefore our priority to achieve universal health coverage, especially in the most needy countries, by ensuring access to quality essential health services as well as safe and affordable medicines and vaccines.

As part of our team solidarity, MANA PHARMA actively participates in altruistic actions, e.g. via donations, involving its employees in projects, giving them more motivation in the day-to-day work of the organisation.

We mix heart, science and ingenuity to change the health trajectory of people who need it most. We aim to positively impact the patients we serve with our life-saving medicines, pharmaceuticals and devices.

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Sustainability plays a fundamental role in our decision making, establishing mechanisms to guarantee compliance with environmental regulations, pollution reduction, waste management and responsible consumption.

There is a call to our professionals to work together to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible. With small individual and collective actions, such as reducing the printing of material, using less consumables, reducing paper waste, saving energy, using renewable energies, reducing the use of plastics as much as possible, among other goals.


We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, in order to continue promoting our commitment to sustainable innovation.

We are committed to flexible working hours and teleworking, which is sometimes more productive and allows us to reconcile professional and personal life, as well as to the continuous training of our professionals.

Solidarity Agenda

In our constant effort to help the welfare of all people, we carry out numerous solidarity actions. In this section you can see a selection of our latest actions: