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At MANA PHARMA we are committed to Regulatory Compliance and foster an ethical business culture at all levels.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Code embodies the set of rules that reflect our principles and values in our professional conduct and that we transmit to our business activity, in our commitment to Health and Social Welfare. These are principles that should inspire the professional, ethical and responsible behaviour of all of us who form part of Mana Pharma because we consider the way in which we achieve our results and objectives to be essential.

Code of Conduct


Our suppliers play a key role in our value chain and we encourage and expect them to meet minimum standards of ethical and responsible behaviour. We are committed to working only with third parties who adopt similar standards of conduct to our own.

Crime Prevention Policy

Our commitment is to ensure a culture of compliance with all regulations and to maintain an ethical corporate culture. For the development of this Policy, MANA PHARMA has established, through the Crime Prevention Committee, a specific and effective programme for the prevention of the commission of crimes (as a set of measures aimed at preventing, detecting and reacting to) possible crimes.

Ethical Channel

Through the Ethics Channel you can, confidentially and securely, consult or inform Mana Pharma of any irregular action or malpractice that may involve a breach of our Code of Ethics and Conduct, of facts that may involve the commission of a criminal offence, of conduct contrary to the codes to which we adhere or of any other irregularity contrary to the applicable laws.