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MANA PHARMA: your integral partner in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

At MANA PHARMA we are involved in healthcare, offering complete and quality solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and the health sector. Our commitment is to be a comprehensive partner offering full services for each stage of the process.

We provide a wide range of services, from the initial phase of molecule research and access to active ingredients to medicines manufacture and their launch into the market, guaranteeing quality, effectiveness, and safety.

In addition, we supply the healthcare sector with all types of hospital equipment, essential for the health and well-being of patients.

Our product list includes, among others:

  • Medicines for human and veterinary use (own and third-party).
  • Raw materials for the manufacture of medicines (active ingredients, excipients, chemical compounds, packaging materials, etc.)
  • Medical devices, food supplements and cosmetic products.
  • Equipment for medical and pharmaceutical use.
  • Animal health products.
  • Laboratory reagents and compounds for research purposes.

We have certifications that guarantee our commitment to excellence and compliance with the highest industry standards, ensuring that each product distributed and marketed by us complies with all current regulations:

  • GDP (Good Distribution Practices): ensures that our products are stored, transported and handled under appropriate conditions to maintain their quality and integrity.
  • WDA (Wholesale Distributor Authorisation): authorizes MANA as a wholesale medicines distributor complying with current health regulations and standards fulfilling the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the medicines we distribute.
  • RUESA (Unified Registry of Active Substances Companies): certifying our facilities’ compliance with all health and legal requirements to operate in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • MAH (Marketing Authorisation Holder): allows the registration, marketing and distribution of our medicines in different markets, ensuring compliance with international regulations.

We always strive for social well-being on a global level, adapting to each need. Thanks to our experience in import and export, we ensure that our products reach where they are needed.



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