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MANA PHARMA as MAH Lab and Local Representative

MANA PHARMA, S.L., holds Licenses/Authorisations, Registrations and Certifications, providing the Organisation with the necessary tools to conduct business within the legal framework. This enables us to offer a diverse range of products and services to our customers.


Authorisation as MAH (Marketing Authorisation Holder) Laboratory

MANA PHARMA, S.L., is a Marketing Authorisation Holder Laboratory (MAH Laboratory) of medicines for human use.

We have the requisite facilities for storage, distribution, and export activities. We adhere to quality standards aligned with the GxPs.

Our commitment extends to conducting pharmacovigilance activities, ensuring that administered medicines meet the criteria for quality, safety, and efficacy.


Local Representative

MANA PHARMA, S.L., as a Holder of the Marketing Authorisation Laboratory, maintains premises equipped with technical and control apparatus, meeting legal requirements for the proper storage and distribution of medicines.

Moreover, we serve as the Local Representative in Spain for other MAH Laboratories located in the European Union.

At MANA PHARMA, S.L., we offer support to MAHs situated in European Member States. This involves assistance in various local areas including marketing, pharmacovigilance, and distribution, among others. Additionally, we collaborate closely with MAHs in their interactions with Spanish Competent Authorities, as well as in the maintenance of product registration in Spain.

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